Friday, 2 March 2007

Well it's Friday and a lovely day for getting the last section of the spud patch dug. I need to do this today as the weekend is looking grim weatherwise and also I'm off to sunny Skeggy with the "legend" that is Alvin Stardust. We're playing at the 70s weekend which is always a laugh. A far cry from the peace and quiet of Plot 87!
As the picture shows I've completed my first section for the spuds. I think it's so important to take your time and don't overdo it, otherwise you end up knackered and then nothing gets done! That section took me 4 sessions of digging, then the rest of the time doing other jobs like sorting out the steps down to the shed, pruning back overgrown bushes and carting paving stones off the plot.
we came down and cleared out the shed the other day. It's a bit like emptying a house after someone's died. Lots of old clothes, boots and stuff. But that's all gone down the tip and her Cissyness is happy with the accomodation now. (Although I think some new nets are in order!!!)
We've also got a funky black compost bin which I've just filled with the surface grass from the spud patch. Need another one now!
So next week sees the start of phase 2 of the spud patch. Watch this space.
Thanks to Vonny and The Frog Princess for your comments. It's amazing to know that somewhere out in the Ether someone actually reads this!
The Captain

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