Sunday, 25 February 2007

Well the weather people almost got it right. I decided to risk a visit this morning and got in a good couple of hours before the rain came. It's great to be able to get down here first thing in the fresh air. Definitely good for shaking off the effects of last night's curry!
Winston & I managed to make a serious dent in the spud patch and one more good session should see it ready for the first couple of rows. I've already started the "chitting" and have Arran Pilot for earlies, and Maris Piper, King Edward for maincrop and I've just ordered a bag of Kerr Pinks so Mr C's happy!
When I first started there were a few rhubarb crowns showing, so I found a few old buckets lying about and covered them over. As you can see in the picture there's some activity already. Not quite "Rhubarb Triangle" standard yet , but it's a start.
I'd love to know if the tree is an apple. Does anybody out there know from the picture?
That's all for now folks!
The Captain.

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