Tuesday, 20 November 2007

Allotmenticity - Tuesday 20th November

I had the honour of "Spud Man" Mr C come down last week to unearth the first of the Maris Pipers. "The King of The Chippers" and we weren't disappointed. A fabulous tray of spuds headed off to the awaiting deep fat fryer repleat with fresh oil. We also dug a small square of Kerr Pinks and were rewarded with a huge bag of pink beauties.
Have you ever seen a gardener so well dreesed in a suit and tie???
I'm cooking for "The Legend That is Alvin Stardust and His Trusty War Horse" after rehearsals this week and they are keen on tasting some "Jewels of the Land". Having steamed a selection the other night I don't think they'll be let down.
Trouble is I'm now getting into the Xmas gig glut and time at No87 is becoming rarer. I don't have too much to do in terms of the ground, although I have got the felt for the shed roof, and will be picking up my glass panels soon.
But those taters are pretty damn good!
It's been suggested I sell bags alongside the CDs at the gig! Food for thought!
Rehearsals tomorrow then the gigs begin.
Later everyone.
The Captain.

Sunday, 4 November 2007

Allotmenticity - Sunday 4th November

Having been reminded by a couple of friends that I haven't blogged for ages I am suitably chastized and so here's my latest update from good old No87.
I've been delayed by gigs, rehearsals and a terrible bout of "The Runs" which lasted forever, but I'm happy to say has finally subsided. However I did manage to get my Isle of Wight garlic in my prepared bed. Can't wait for the final product as the quality of the bulbs I received by post (in a shoe box) was brilliant. Also you can see the shallots (on the left) which also came and which I will be planting tomorrow. I pulled the last of the fancy Italian Lettuce which although only small was really tasty and I've got some more carrots to pull before they get too eaten.
I think tomorrows visit might have to include a strimming session as it's getting a bit bad around the edges. Ooops!!!
I'm digging up some great King Edwards and looks like I'll be into the Maris Pipers soon as I've got advance orders from the band for some produce. I might set up a stall next to "The Legend That is Alvin Stardust" merchandise table!
I ordered 2 rolls of Black plastic weed suppressing material. but have yet to receive it due to a problem with a shall we same nameless courier, which is known by 3 letters beginning with D and ending with L!!!!!
What an interesting end to the F1 season. Ah well. better luck next year Lewis. I would love to see all the drivers in a race where every car has the same engine, tyres and no fancy computerised nonesense. Then we'd really find out who was the best drivers.
Come on The Reds! It was great to be down on No87 when they played at The Villa. You can hear everything from the plot and after a loud start, they soon shut the Villains up! Priceless!!!
I changed my phone recently to a Nokia N95 which has a 5 megapixel camera. I took the photo of the Garlic with it. I have to say I'm impressed and the music player is brilliant too. Technology!!!
OK that's me done for today.
Back again soon,

The Captain.......says Salut!