Thursday, 2 October 2008

Allotmenticity - 01-10-08

It's a rare pleasure to not only get down for more than a few minutes to No87, but also to see the sun with his hat off!
Anyway a break in our gruelling schedule with "The Legend" and I'm digging up giant Kerr Pink potatoes. A meal in itself is how the Spudman Mr C describes them.
I have to say I'm really impressed by the quality and size of the spuds. Let's hope the Maris Pipers will be up to the mark as well.
I've a football-sized Savoy which is bound for Sunday lunch. All the cabbages have done well although some have been severely attacked by slugs.
I really have to make an effort next year to bolster my pest defences. A better form of netting against Butterflies is high on the agenda.

I received my Garlic Lovers Pack from Colin at The Garlic Farm this week. WOW what an amazing selection. I can't wait to try some of these beauties next year. "Thanks Colin". The Legend even mentioned the Garlic Festival on Radio 2 the other week. I've got my raised beds already prepared, although Colin suggested I wait until early in the New Year before planting them. Evidently they grow more steadily and have a round shape.

I'm getting fed up of all these reports in the media of break-ins on allotments. Why don't they just say "There's free food for all you thieving b*****ds!" All the "Scallies" have now been given the idea. Don't let me catch anyone nicking from No87 or the next blog might come from behind bars!!!

As for Man Utd I'm sure they'll get going soon and Lewis just needs to keep his nerve and ignore the critics. Go Lewis!

I'm trying a couple of ways to propogate Rosemary from cuttings. The putting a heeled cutting in a glass of water, and also the rooting powder. I want to eventually have a Rosemary hedge down one side.

I'm also getting a heap of slabs from NurseVon next week so I can finally get the Corporate area up and running. All I need now is an Indian Summer!

Until next time, keep a look out for "50 years of Rock & Roll with Alvin Stardust" at a theatre near you.

The Captain.