Sunday, 3 February 2008

Allotmenticity - Sunday 3rd February

A very belated Happy New Year to all. I can't believe it's been so long since my last blog. A combination of weather and gigs has kept me away from No 87 but I finally made it down. Strange to find the Purple Sprouting Brocolli already sending up shoots. I think that's a bit early in February, but it's in the pot for dinner today!
The Isle of Wight Garlic is looking good. Funnily enough we're playing at The Isle of Wight Garlic Festival with "The Legend that is Alvin Stardust" in August. Maybe I should take some of mine to display.
I've been digging up the Kerr Pinks as they've taken to sprouting due to the warmer weather. Mind, there's plenty of takers when I offer some around. "Balls of flour"!
It was a bit windy down there today, but I want to get some Lime down soon before the season starts. I found that the extra effort with Liming and adding the compost to the planting hole has kept the Club Root at bay. So I'll do the same again this year. I also need to start digging the spud patch which has been covered since last year.
I've got a little furry friend in one of my compost bins. Not sure what to do about it. I've got the turning spear, but don't really want to do that yet.
I do know the roof of the shed needs re-felting ASAP.
There's lots of shows in this year for "The Legend" so keep an eye out for us playing at a theatre near you and come and say "Hi".
Well that's about all for today apart from wishing all the best to a very good friend "John The Boot" who's not too well at the moment.
Can't believe it's 50 years since Munich. Come On The Reds!!!
The Captain.