Tuesday, 6 March 2007

Monday 5th March 2007

Hey, it's Monday morning and I'm just grabbing a couple of hours before the weather changes and we have MORE RAIN! Winston & I have had a good session and I've done about a quarter of the next row in the spud bed. I found what looks like another small gooseberry so I've transplanted it up in the fruit area. It should be interesting when it all starts to come out and I find exactly what is in there.
Saturday night was a hoot with Alvin. Butlins never fails to rock and to stand on stage and see in front of you Darth Vader dancing with Scooby Doo, 2 glamorous Sheila's Wheels girls complete with blond beehives except they were blokes and have dinner with Fred Flintstone defies commonsense. It's a surreal peoplescape! (Good title for a book, or even a song) I think it will be a couple of days before the next visit but hopefully the weather will be OK. It's amazing how quickly you can fill a compost bin! I'm going to use the existing heap to earth up the spuds and hopefully build up the soil level, but in the meantime I'm just piling up the grass and clumps I've taken out of the patch I'm digging.
Onwards and upwards,
That's all for now,
The Captain.

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