Saturday, 10 March 2007

Allotmenticity 10-03-07

Had a good blast this morning and finished the space for the seed bed. The plan is to put some boards I found around the edge and fill it with the compost from "compost corner". I can get some cabbage and brocolli seed in then.I'm going to make anothet raised bed infront of the plastic compost bins and get some onions and shallots in aswell.
Was reading my online Times gardening supplement this morning and noticed an article by Celia Brooks Brown a vegetarian chef and keen gardener who has an allotment in London. So I sent her a mail to check out The Captain and received a really nice reply.
Thanks Celia, now if I can get you to check out the Rhythmism site who knows what can happen! That's my awesome 12 piece Big Band.
Could soon be time for the "Earlies" to go in. The Arran Pilots are "chitting" nicely so I think any time now.
The Old Boots had to go! I went down to the local garden centre and treated myself to a very comfortable pair of boots. Luxury!!! Also Growmore £4.99 BOGOF (Buy 1 get 1 free)
It's Man U in the cup tonight so I'm off to get my seat.
That's all for now,
The Captain.

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