Friday, 9 March 2007

The Seed Bed Cometh!

Yet another lovely morning today. Whilst all around me suffered I decided some fresh air was the best cure! I made a start down the shed end to establish a Pea & Bean trench and also make a space for a raised seed bed. I've made a good start and it shouldn't take too much longer before I can set out the sides. I moved another grass and sods bin round the back of the shed midst the tangle of twigs and old brambles. I think a good burn-up is coming soon. I had a dig in the old compost heap which looks like it has been there for years and it's great stuff. I'm going to use it for the seed bed and also to earth up the spuds which should also help build up the soil level, which seems to have sunk over the years.
There's a Hawk which hovers around, but I haven't been able to get a photo of it yet. I think it's camera-shy because just as I get the camera focused it flies off and lands on the pylon nearby. I also had a visit from a friendly Robin with the loudest birdsong I've heard. I'll keep the trusty Nikon handy next time.
I'm on the search for a Kitchen Compost container. I've seen a great one made from Stainless Steel which is very cool and would match my pedal-bin. Trouble is it's only available in the States and they won't send it here. There is another one which is Ceramic and would look good and I've managed to find a site which sells it over here. Does anybody else know of a good looking container? I don't fancy the green plastic ones even though they are cheap.
Well that's all for now, I may get some more time in tomorrow weather permitting.
The Captain.

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