Friday, 9 March 2007

The "Boots" have arrived!

Thursday 8th March. Her Cissyness has been down today as can be seen by the boots in the photo. We had a good few hours taking the surface grass off the fruit and herb patch. It needs hoeing over and a bit of attention and it will be fine. There's Sage, Thyme, Oregano and Fennel in now.
I've filled 2 compost heaps using the plastic tubing that was here already and I'm going to start a new one around the back of the shed. It's a bit of a wilderness, but with an incinerator made from an old dustbin we should be able to get rid of most of the twigs and dried stuff which has just been piled up. We're giving serious thought to demolishing the top shed. It's in pretty bad condition and the space would be better used as a pull in for the car. That's for the future though. I'm looking to make a seed bed for the brassicas using the soil thats piled up in the old compost heap. It'll need sieving but apart from that looks good. So an early start and I should get plenty done.
Bye for now,
The Captain.

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vonnie said...

Well hello,'Tom & Barbara'!!
Her cissyness looks right right right fab in her new boots! what can i say, a marvelous job you are doing! love winstons new friend, me thinks you should consider the following as names - wanda, venetia, kerpink,churchilla, flatface,or how about sharon?? The 'good life'is suiting you both!!