Sunday, 11 March 2007

Allotmenticity 11-03-07

Sunday morning and lovely weather again. I've finished the first raised seed bed and filled it with some lovely stuff from "Compost Corner"(Above). Managed a good couple of hours before lunch. I've been searching for clips that make cloches from glass or even clear plstic sheets. I've found some on the internet but garden centres don't seem to stock them. Does anyone have any ideas? It's going to be a busy week so I probably won't get much chance until next weekend. Hopefully I can sow some brassicas then and maybe the first earlies.
I've had a suggestion from Darren that the fork be called Churchill which is out front at the moment.
Until the next time,
The Captain.

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frogprincess200 said...

Constantly amazed by the work you can do! Allotment is looking good Captain