Saturday, 24 March 2007

Allotmenticity - Spud Day!

Back again after a short break. What with the snow and a trip down to Epsom with Alvin and a big band gig, I've been pretty busy, but the day has finally arrived. Spud Day! The chaps have been "chitting" away and were ready and waiting. I've given them a comfortable bed of grass mowings and then a spadeful of compost to make them feel good and now it's up to them. The first earlies are Arran Pilot.
I've made another raised bed up by "Compost Corner" and I'm going to sow Lettuce, Spring Onions and salady stuff.
It was a lovely morning for digging, cool enough so you weren't too hot. I had the company of a Wren who has to have the loudest song I've heard. He's too quick for the camera though, as is the Hawk who still manages to avoid the lens. And have you seen the size of the Bumble Bees?
I found a small branch by the side of the road which I managed to get in the car and that's become one end of the herb & fruit bed. Waste not, Want not has to be the Allotment gardeners motto.
I'm still awaiting delivery of my kitchen compost crock. Yet another courier who can't find where I live! Also the cloche clips haven't arrived yet which is a nuisance as I want to get them on the seed beds.
Thanks to the "Frog Princess" for the comment and all the suggestions about the name for the Fork. Trouble is Churchill is a bit obvious. Come on guys let's have a bit of originality.
I'm thinking along the lines of "Sue-Ellen" or "Miss Ellie". Are you getting where I'm coming from?
Well that's about it for now. Man U are still there at the top and look pretty unstoppable right now so that's good news.
The Captain.

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