Sunday, 1 April 2007

Allotmenticity -Sunday 1st April

Welcome back. It's been a fabulous weekend apart from a huge thunderstorm on Saturday. At least it gave everything a good soaking. I've been hard at it getting the raised seed beds ready and Saturday I sowed Cabbage (Greyhound, January King & Hispi) Calabrese (Alan Titchmarsh Organic) Purple Sprouting Brocolli and a row of Early Nantes Carrots. In the salad bed I sowed Perpetual Spinach, Cos Lettuce and Spring Onions, and 2 rows each of Mangetout and Peas, with an extra row of Spinach in between. (I like Spinach!) In the centre bed I 've put in the Onion sets and an extra row of Spinach!!
To the right I've got a bed ready for the Brassicas. I finished the herb and fruit bed up the top end and last week Her Cissyness and I spent an afternoon making an attack on the back section which seems to have been used as a general dump. There's loads of rotten wood which has to go to the dump and all sorts of plastic bags, an old picket fence and BRAMBLES! Still we've made huge progress as the photo shows and another good day tomorrow should see a space developing for "The Gazeebo"!!!! Well we have to be ready for the BBQ season.
I've been getting stuck into "Compost Corner" and dug it into the Pea bed and I'll use it to earth up the spuds once they show their shoots.
I got my Ceramic Kitchen Compost Crock which is great. No smell at all and very stylish. Check it out at:'m hoping to get my cloche clips this week and I'll post my thoughts as and when I can use them.
So there we are, more soon, "Come On You Reds"
The Captain.

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