Saturday, 21 April 2007

Allotmenticity - Friday 20th April

Yet another fabulous day down on plot 87. We were blessed with a visit from "Her Cissyness" complete with refreshments which was a rare luxury. She donned the funky boots and attacked the weeds with gusto!
I finally received the cloche clips and put them straight into action on the new raised bed up by the fig tree. They certainly do the job and are quite robust. I've sown a row of Lakeland Lettuce and a row of Parsley which I've cloched-up. I've also sown a row of Maris Pipers in the spud patch. Next week I'll put in a row of Kerr Pinks and alternate them so hopefully there'll be a choice later on.
All the seedlings are through and I've been busy thinning them out. I'm going to have to try and sow less as it's a terrible waste when you have to discard so many.
The rear corporate entertainment area is taking shape. I've unearthed more slabs and transferred them around the back. The "Gazeebo" has arrived courtesy of Mrs Moose and looks the business. I'll have to defer the trial run though as I'm off to sunny Skegness with "The Legend that is Alvin Stardust" today. We're playing at The Motorcycle News Weekend, so it's on with the leathers and "Rock n'Roll".
I'll hopefully get down to water the gang tomorrow afternoon when I get back.
It looks like we'll get some rain next week which will be great as everything is drying out and it saves having to use the hosepipe.
That's all for now,
Regards to all my friends,
The Captain.

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