Sunday, 29 April 2007

Allotmenticity - Sunday 29th April

It's great that in such a short time the patch has changed from the image on the top to the one below. Ok it's taken some hard work, but always enjoyable and it has to be the cheapest gym in the world with fantastic rewards. Fresh air, exercise and the bonus of an end product which you can eat.
I had a fantastic morning today. I was invited over to a friends parent's allotment in Shard End. It's a small site surrounded by houses and is a most wonderful oasis of produce and chickens. Nick and Lynn are from Cyprus and have the most fantastic plot with chickens, a grape-vine all sorts of fruit trees and a wide range of vegetables. I was intrigued by a kind of Spinach called Kalalou (Spelling!!!). It was featured on a cookery programme with Neneh Cherry and my friend Nedge had told me ages ago how his Dad grew it. There would appear to be one sort from Jamaica and another from Cyprus and I have returned with a small selection of both thanks to their kind generosity. (Fortunately I wasn't stopped and searched by the Police as the small plastic bags of suspicious "Stuff" would have taken some explaining!!!) Watch this space as my attempts to grow it are recorded.
I also met their friend Helen who shares my birthday tomorrow and who also has a great plot lovingly tended.
I had to get back and get something done so I spent a while with Progress the Rake and we worked over the Cabbage patch ready for the transplanting. I also gave the spuds a good drenching and the Arran Pilots are already breaking surface.
So all in all a great day and coupled with Man U's great win yesterday and my birthday tomorrow I leave you with a smile on "The Captain's face.
Get well soon Vonny!
The Captain.

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frogprincess200 said...

Happy Birthday Captain

hope its a good one!