Sunday, 8 April 2007

Allotmenticity - Easter Sunday

Happy Easter! It's a glorious morning and I'm down here for a bit of digging and fresh air. Her Cissyness & I played in the club last night which was great, and what better way to clear the lungs than a couple of hours down on plot 87. The photo at the top is a little friend who visits regularly and has a very loud song. I'm not sure what he is.
It's fantastic that in just 7 days we've cleared the back from the picture at the top to the one below ready for our gazeebo. Lots of bags of rotten wood down the local tip later we have a fantastic open space ready for the BBQ! I found some old doors and have got them down to use as a boundary fence. Not the most subtle but just as effective.
Also in just 7 days the first row of lettuce has appeared. I really think the raised beds full of compost is the best way. I'm just awaiting the others to show. I'm working my way to finish the brassicas bed which should be a couple of sessions and by that time I'll be ready to plant the next row of spuds. The King Edwards are looking good.
The Gooseberry has buds and the Raspberry canes are coming on well. Also the mystery tree is coming into bud so it's exciting to find out what it is.
The only depressing news was that Man U got beat!
However "The Bethling" is coming down to visit this week so there'll be another pair of boots around.
It's great talking to my neighbours. They all have stories about characters on the plots and handy tips. I was thinking at one time about keeping some chickens, but evidently there's a 3 legged fox around so I don't think I'll bother. It also explains the paw prints across the beds.
Well it's approaching Dinner so time to finish.
Don't eat too much chocolate.
Until next time,
The Captain.

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