Monday, 16 April 2007

Allotmenticity - Sunday 15th April

It's as if summer has arrived already! Down on Plot 87 it's more like weather for sunbathing than spud planting. Still I managed to get 2 rows of King Edwards in along with putting up some pea nets ready for the peas. The water is on again so I managed to hook up the hosepipe and give everything a good soak. All the seeds are coming up as can be seen in the picture along with the new rake which has joined Winston and the still to be named fork. I think I'll call it Progress!
I spent a day last week liming the brassica bed. One of my neighbours advised me that there is Club Root on the site so I checked out a few forums for advice. One suggested liming before transplanting and also a good handfull of lime in each hole so I think it's worth a try. One also suggested a piece of rhubarb stalk in each hole, which would help with the acidity I suppose.
Man U are flying again which is a bonus! Come On You Reds!!!
I'm getting up the energy to demolish the old shed at the top. It's falling down and useless for storage, so it may as well make way for a parking space. I can also use the wood for some more raised beds and various other jobs.
Got a great pair of binoculars from Lidl at the weekend. 10x50 for &4.99! Brilliant quality for next to nothing. I can look at all the bird life a little closer now.
I'm still waiting for the cloche clips to be delivered. Come On Guys!
Well time to get on,
Until the next time,
The Captain.

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