Monday, 14 April 2008

Allotmenticity 13-04-08

This is Stella, one of my neighbours, proudly holding the cups she won at the recent show. Well done Stella!!!

I've finally managed to get down to No87 when it's been fine and sow my first row of Earlies. Arran Pilot. Hopefully I can stagger the next row for a couple of weeks time. The weather has been so crazy recently, one minute sunshine, then snow & hail.
My Purple Sprouting Brocolli is fantastic. That's just 1 plant and I have 8 altogether. Looks like the freezer may be required, although there's always plenty of eager recipients for fresh cut spears.
I'm off down to Lidl for some seed compost. It seems to be the cheapest around. I've been saving toilet roll innards to sow my peas & beans in. I might also try the brassicas as my raised seed beds are going to be busy with the Isle of Wight Garlic for a while yet.
The prepared beds are looking OK, but my stone paths are covered in grass, so I think I need to try an alternative idea. I bought some rolls of black plastic and I might put the stones on top of it.
I found this little Pansy under the Brocolli bushes.

Did anyone see Gardeners World last week with the guy getting his allotment. Hmmm, wish it was that easy to get wood and surface scrapers! And am I alone in thinking he's mad to have those diamonds and triangles for raised beds. I thought the idea was not to have to tread on them. (Geoff Hamilton's Magic 4ft). And lorry loads of green waste!!! I'll stick to the good old "Compost Corner"

Come on The Reds
, only Blackburn & Chelsea to go and the titles ours! Keep trying Lewis.

And just to say the experience of playing at The Royal Albert Hall was unbelievable. Such a Buzz.
Her Cissyness and I had a ball. The photo shows us rehearsing with the choir, orchestra, the band and the 2 child soloists. Awesome! Thanks DK for giving us the opportunity. The Captain

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Matron said...

That lazy old so 'n so on Gardeners' World! Couldn't be bothered to dig his own allotment so got a machine to come in and do it for him. That's no way to encourage people to grow their own, they will find the real stuff a lot harder - and more rewarding. PS Your PSB looks fantastic! come have a look at mine! xx