Monday, 17 March 2008

Allotmenticity - Monday 17th March

My good friend "Choff" suggested I take a photo of the start of the season and label each section, then update it as we progress through the year. Great idea Choff, so here's the first instalment taken about a week ago on a nice sunny day. Trouble is since I took it I've picked up one of those lousy virus and been stuck in bed until today. Lucky really that it starts to get busy this weekend onwards with some gigs with "The Legend" and culminating with an appearance at The Royal Albert Hall on April 4th with "Her Cissyness" and virtually the whole of Dorset!
I managed to get my supply of seeds last week. I'm envious of people who are self sowing year on year, and have actually saved coriander and pak choi from last year, but stuff like brassicas etc I prefer to buy.
This year I'm going to try some Sweet Corn, and some Sprouts as well as Savoy Cabbage, Purple Sprouting, Peas & French Beans. Oh and some Beetroot by request. I also found a commercially available pack of Callaloo.
The spuds are "chitting" well though a few weeks yet before the danger of frosts diminishes.
Where can I get French Tarragon? The only seeds I can find are this awful Russian variety.
I see Lewis has started off like he means business which is great news. Good to see that they're starting to normalise the cars at last. Strange how many errors all these so called geniuses are starting to make. Traction control, Launch Control.........
Put them all in a Golf GTi and then lets see who's the best.
Come On The Reds!
The Captain.
(Coming to a theatre near YOU!)


Matron said...

I always wanted to try growing Callaloo! I have a friend who sometimes brings me a bunch from Brixton Market. Makes a lovely green soup with coconut and chilli !

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country bumpkin said...

Argh..............just wrote a wonderful missive to you only to lose it when I had to create an account!

Anyway,someone told me not to waffle so hi there number 87!
Lovely site, lovely pics, lovely spuds, lovely broc........lovely!!

Now; should you ever wish to have site number 88 let me know as I have just the plot waiting.
Shopping list will follow.
M ;-)