Tuesday, 20 May 2008

Allotmenticity - 20-05-08

Well it's about time I added some new comments I hear you say! It's been hectic over the past few weeks with 3 Birthdays,
a major gig and an invite to a funky do.
Anyway, FINALLY, I've got stuck into some work down at No87. I'm up to date with my spuds, with just a final row of Maris Pipers to go in this weekend. I'm doing my best to stagger everything this year, so the earlies went in a week apart, then a row of Kerr Pinks, Maris Pipers, KPs. I've also done the same with sowing my cabbage, brocolli and kale seeds.
The grape vine has suddenly burst into life. It gets plenty of sun around the back of the shed. I've just made a fruit cage on the site of compost corner. I've used the old side bits from the wreck of an old greenhouse I found, for the frame, and I'll use the netting from the cabbages last year. I'm looking for some fruit bush bargains in Aldi/Lidl.
I'm going to dig in some of the new compost I made to give them a comfortable start.
The fig tree is producing a crop of figs, but if it does last years trick it'll drop them before they get anywhere near ripe.
My garlic continues to look good. It's going to be interesting playing at the Isle of Wight Garlic Festival in August. I think I might take some along!
The Purple Sprouting is coming to an end, but I've had loads and have been circulating plenty to friends. My Spinach is going down well too, although it's starting to flower if I let it. I've sown some more ready to transplant. The one disappointment so far has been the Calaloo. I've sown 2 lots and not a dicky-bird! I really don't know what I'm doing wrong. (Any comments please!)
The start of the tour with "The Legend" is looming and we're in for quite a bit of travelling around, so keep an eye out if we're near you.
The Reds did the business in the Premiership and all they have to do now is stuff The Blues again and I'll be happy.
Come On You Reds!
It's over and out for now,
The Captain.

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Matron said...

I've had some great fruit bush bargains from Wilkinsons this year. I am about to dig up my broccoli, it has just been brilliant this year but is coming to an end now and I need the space. I couldn't make out what the window frames were on the top photo. Why is that bit being enclosed? a greenhouse?