Sunday, 30 September 2007

Allotmenticity 30th September

Hello again Allotmenteers. It seems like ages since I've had chance to sit down and update my blog about No87. Finally I've got a window of opportunity, so here we go.
I've started digging up my King Edwards as can be seen in the photo. The grass mowings in the trenches seems to have done a good job of keeping the scab away, and the addition of compost has certainly added bulk to the soil. I finally bought some hessian sacks and have already filled one with about 2/3rds of a row. They do taste great as well. There's another row yet, and then Mr C's favourites Maris Pipers.
The onions I sowed are doing well, and I'll protect them with cloches as it starts to get colder. Evidently it's difficult to get hold of Japanese Onion sets around here according to a couple of my neighbours. Possibly because of the bad year we've had with our Onions so far. My sets just curled up and rotted.
I'm getting some lovely Spinach regularly now which is great, and I'm freezing lots of Parsley and Coriander. My filing cabinet drawers have been full of salad greens, so I'm really pleased I didn't take it down to the dump after all.
I've managed to get a car space where the old shed was, and the next plan is to dig over the rest of the top section and get some fruit bushes and trees and a few flowers to brighten up the entrance. The Sunflower is a dwarf one but has a huge head.
The figs are still on the tree, but I'm not sure how they'll be now the weather is changing.
Oh and I managed to get one lovely bunch of Gladiolis. Fingers crossed the Lilies might make an appearance next year.
I'm thinking I might spend a while turning over the area I've had covered, ready for next year. I can compost the grass, and save a bit of time when it's spud sowing.
I've been recommended a place that does large black plastic sheets, so I may look them up. I've also got to re-felt the shed roof sometime soon before winter, and as my diary is starting to fill for Nov-Dec nows a good time.
As for my interests, Man U continue to frustrate, but Lewis Hamilton is still "The Boy". "Go Lewis!"
I think that's up to date, so until next time,
The Captain.


Matron said...

It has been a great year for potatoes, for those of us that weren't flooded! I don't usually keep mine in the ground this long because they suffer from slugs. Do you find they are OK leaving them in the ground?

frogprincess200 said...

Hi Captain

Ebay, weed control fabric, brill stuff 2m x 100m, and give some away to you neighbours! Kept half my plot weed free this year until I manage to de stone the rest. Missed your comments, good luck with the harvet.