Saturday, 1 September 2007

Allotmenticity - Saturday 1st September

After last weekend's trips to Trentham Gardens and then Lincoln Castle it's back to No87 for some work. I recently found the gadget pictured on a website and have found it very useful. It's good to turn the compost over and this helps to pull the stuff from the bottom and circulate it.

£10.00 from I'm not usually bothered about these sort of things, but for once I think it's worth it considering I couldn't work out a way to make one myself.
I'm working on the car park at the top of the plot where the shed used to be. There's loads of stone buried under overgrown grass so it's a slow job. You can just see the Glads in the background and although I'm not a big flower fan they are looking good.
The draws from the filing cabinet are full of leaves. They really have come on quickly and I'm glad I didn't get rid of them now.
The Grape Vine in the rear of the shed is settling in well. I dug a large hole and lined it with plastic before I filled it with compost. There's a lot of nettles and brambles still in the ground so hopefully it will keep the roots at bay.
I dug the last of the Earlies, Arran Pilots, and they are fantastic. No sign of any problems and great tasting. I think I'll definitely go for them again next year and possibly a row of second earlies. I'm waiting for the maincrop now. King Edwards first. I need to get some potato sacks. I've seen hessian advertised so maybe I'll give them a try. I've also ordered Garlic and Shallots from the Isle of Wight which will be delivered in a couple of weeks. I'm looking forward to the Garlic as I tried some when I was down there sailing and it was an excellent taste.
Hopefully the weather will keep fine for a while so I can get some more work done on the car park.
Its the Big Band at The Jam House on Wednesday night so I'll be getting some preparation done for that.
I don't think Man Utd deserve a comment at the moment, but "Come On The Reds"!!!
Happy Allotmenteering,
The Captain.

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