Monday, 8 October 2007

Allotmenticity - Monday 8th October

After a hard rehearsal yesterday when I didn't get chance to visit No87, I took the opportunity to nip down this morning in beautiful sunshine. I picked this bunch of carrots from a row I sowed in one of the raised beds and they are fabulous. Really sweet and very tasty. I'll definitely try a few more rows next year.
I also dug a good sack of King Edwards which are very tasty too.
Matron, I'm undecided about whether to leave them in or not. Some of my neighbours leave them in until next year and are still digging them up as they plant the new seasons. (Although with her Cissyness and Mr C being Irish, I don't think they'll get chance to be in there too long.)
I've got the hessian sacks and have put a good bag away, but you have to make sure you keep them in the dark as they go green really quickly.
Thanks for the message FrogPrincess. I went onto Ebay and bought some black ground cover sheets. Got a BOGOF deal too! Also ordered a Bread maker from Amazon. I'm fed up having to trek over to Sainsburys for a loaf 'cos I hate Tescos bread.
HERE'S A TIP! If you've got a Nectar card and use the internet to shop, go on to and log on, (you need to be registered, so if you haven't already, do so, it's worth it) then go to the Nectar eStores section. If you use Amazon or Ebay you'll get points when you buy stuff. There are certain restrictions but it mostly works. Ebay is Buy It Now items. But "What Do Points Make?!!"
Our water is turned off next week so I filled up my reserve tank ready for the winter. I'm intending trying some salady stuff under glass and have an idea for a remote watering system. I've got a load of old hosepipe, which I'm going to cut into lengths the size of my raised beds and lay alongside where I sow the seeds. I'll seal one end and make lots of holes in the pipe. Then I can insert a funnel in the other end and pour water in which should then irrigate the area under glass without having to move the cloches.
"Call Me Mad"!!! Well, it's worth a try!
I've collected seed pods from the Pak Choi and Coriander which both flowered and went to seed. I might try some of that under glass as an experiment.
And as for Lewis Hamilton...... perhaps he did that so it would make for an exciting last race.
But the Reds ARE BACK! So all's well again.
And that's all for today.
Just had a trip to Great Yarmouth cancelled, Thank God, so I may get chance to have a couple more hours down on the plot this week. (Can you believe they got the year wrong!!!!!)
I despair.
The Captain.

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