Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Allotmenticity - Tuesday 19th June

Don't speak too loud but it's stopped raining! What with Father's Day and the recent deluges of biblical proportions it's been rather difficult to get down to No87 but finally I've managed a couple of hours. Boy do those weeds love a drop of rain! Also the peas have come alive and I've just picked a good lot for a couple of lunches, along with 1 new potato plant as you can see in the orange bucket. I'm going to have to be more careful with the fork as somehow you always manage to spear a couple of the precious ones!
The rest of the spud crop has really shot up now with the recent rain and the brassicas seem to have settled in now. There's a bit of pest damage but thankfully mostly on the end of the rows. Father's Day brought a sprayer so I've given the lads a good soaking of B&Q "Death to Bugs" which will hopefully help. I'm going to try the Nettle Brew I've made as well so all you Organicheads out there calm down. The turnips are really ready now as can be seen and I'm thinning the carrots. The one failure has been the onion sets which caught something that curled the leaves and really stunted their growth, so I've boldly ripped them all out and used the bed for some Tarragon seeds, more carrots and I'm looking for Spring Cabbage. The Raspberries and Strawberries are great and I've had a couple of punnets worth which considering they were abandoned twigs when I started is pretty good. tasty too!
Big congratulations to Mike & Anna on the new Cox, Rebecca Shelley. Looks like a headache on the way wetting her head!
Thanks to Nursevon ( The nets are Brill. Photo to follow!) and The Frog Princess for the comments it's great to know someone out there appreciates my waffle.
Also thanks to M&S for there kind remarks about my use of their bags.
A voucher might have been nice!!!
And sad to hear of the death of Bernard Manning. Although he was not liked by some people, I can only say that I worked with Bernard many times and found him one of the most kind & generous guys you could meet. These people who spend their life whingeing on about Political Correctness should remember this country was built on a sense of humour and God help us if we ever lose it!!!
Moan over!
Curry night calls,
Until next time,
The Captain.

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