Sunday, 3 June 2007

Allotmenticity - Sunday 3rd June

Well compared to Friday, yesterday was fabulous. Almost too warm to try any hard work down on No87. I was in the shed when the storm landed. My God I thought I'd been hit. There was an almighty bang and everything in the shed jumped, including me!!! And the rain....
I'm doing my thing for the environment by recycling old plastic shopping bags and using them as bird scarers over the brassicas. Mind you not just ANY old bags, but M&S bags. Sliced lenghtways into 4 and then tied onto twine stretched over my bent bamboo supports. I'm going to send a link to their customer services department. Are you w
atching Mr Rose?
I do like a bit of order.
The compost bins finally arrived from the council and have been put into action. The heat generated is amazing and the first one is nearly full. But then the next time you open it it's gone down. I'm using a mix of lawn mowings, weeds, home compost and grass with help from Garotta. (Sounds like a Brazilian footballer!!)
As you can see in the photo I've made serious inroads into "Compost Corner" lately, but I'm going to start afresh with the stacked up stuff I've taken off the plot previously and stored in the bins in front of the shed.
Flowers on the peas!!! They're doing really well. I've transplanted most of the Pak Choi. The seeds germinate SO fast you can hear them growing! (A bit like the Chinese economy!)
I've upped the production of my copper bracelets as the slugs are very lively at the moment. They seem to be working, but only time will tell.
We had some frost the other morning, but fortunately I escaped with only a handful of spuds affected. A couple of other sites had big problems. It seems to be all down to pockets of air and sheltered beds.
Welcome to a new member of the work force. Bethling bought me a funky fork for my birthday and it's been called into action immediately. I've also got a new Hoe, called Chi Min. I picked up a packet of Sulphate of Ammonia and have given the cabbages and brocolli a good feed, hoeing it in around the roots. The club root is still a worry , but they seem to be doing well so far so fingers crossed.
My next project is to get a useable path onto the plot which involves digging up a load of rubble and relaying bricks. It'll make it much more civilised so it's navvy time.
I'm also awaiting a delivery of some quality manure courtesy of "Johnny Plier-Hands". It's from a local stud farm, so that should give everything a boost for next year. (Wonder if it's got some Frankie Dettori in it!!! 15th time lucky, good on ya!)
I'm happy to say Nurse Von is finally moved and hopefully sorted, Tongo Jnr had a good day the other week and things are finally getting back to normal. We've a Big Band night on the 14th so things are gearing up for that. Where do I find the time?
Well that's it for now,
Happy Allotmenteering,
The Captain

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