Sunday, 10 June 2007

Allotmenticity - Sunday 10th June

A great day today, Lewis Hamilton has won his first Formula 1 Grand Prix. Watching him do it meant I didn't get down to No 87 until gone 8pm, but what a lovely evening. Warm and still, with the Kestrel out hovering nearby. I'm going to get a photo of him soon.
I've finished the path onto the plot, with a few extra bricks from an old derelict shed. It's a bit better to get on now instead of wading through knee deep grass. I need to clear the rest of the top next, including the old shed.
The first of the fruit has suddenly arrived with Strawberries and Raspberries all starting to ripen, peas are starting to form and it will soon be time to try the first of the early spuds. Mr C, The Spudman, is anxiously waiting!
I'm trying an idea
with nettles I read on a website. I've filled an old water tank from a loft I found with water, and immersed a bag full of nettles in it. I made a load of holes in the bag first so it would sink! Evidently it's a really good liquid organic plant food you can water on. Also it can be used as a spray for all sorts of bugs. One thing I do know, it don't half stink!!!!! I have to get spraying my cabbages though as something is finding them rather tasty.
Finally a word from Captain Tongo's Soapbox.
I wish that broadcasters would learn how to use the English Language. It drives me mad when certain presenters constantly use the word "Now" to start a sentence introducing a new item. On occasion I've even heard it used twice in the first few words, " Now we're going over now to the weather". Come on "Auntie" you should be setting an example!
Moan over, I'm off to watch a replay of Lewis. Good Lad!
Speak soon,
The Captain.


frogprincess200 said...

think i'm going to come down and get a taste of those strawberries!

nursevon said...

hi des!!! its been so long since i checked out your 'allomenticity'and i just cant believe how much it has come on, its just amazing all the work you have done. lov the m&s carriers only the best, glad not to see any aldi ones flying in the air -they might of encouraged all sorts of chavvy wild life and we dont want that!!! thanks for get well wishes, thanks for the move of the century!!! did the nets fit?