Tuesday, 14 August 2007

Allotmenticity - Tuesday 14th August

Well after a few hectic days travelling the country I've finally managed to grab a few minutes to catch up with events at No87.
Last week was beautiful weather and so I got a start with the new Compost Corner. I've slimmed it down so I can fit a cold frame in on the end of the shed. The remaining compost will be distributed around the plot as necessary. I did a trial run with the Gazeebo and it fits perfectly in the "Corporate Entertainment Area" at the rear of the shed.
I've converted the Filing Cabinet that looked like the Monolith from 2001 into 4 small salad beds and a large deep cold frame kind of thing. I'm considering trying some Horseradish and maybe Ginger in it. I broadcast sowed some exotic salad leaves and they're already through. Obviously they like the enclosed space. I've got some Spring Cabbage ready to transplant which I'll do when it stops raining.
As I mentioned last time, the Fig tree has exploded into life again and is full of fruit. I read somewhere that the 2nd fruits don't do well, but with the 1st lot just dropping off on their own maybe it might be 2nd time lucky.
Her Cissyness and I played with the Big Band at
Laurance's surprise 60th birthday on Sunday at our favourite restaurant "The Boathouse" in Sutton Park. It was fantastic and a great time was had by all.
A special mention to Rikki "The Polish Princess" my fellow crew member whose birthday it is today. "
Szczęśliwy dzień urodzenia" Mrs P.
And finally to the 3 "Gazeebo Girls" who came down yesterday and had such a great time. I now know what Keith Floyd and Rick Stein went through trying to cook in a gale!!! Still Paella will never be the same again. Cheers Girls!
Happy Allotmenteering,
The Captain.

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Matron said...

I love your re-cycling efforts! I found some hardwood planks in a dumpster / skip yesterday, I'm going to build some raised edges near my path. As for your horseradish - it will grow absolutely anywhere, in any lost corner you don't use. You can abuse it if you like but it will still repay you with fantastic roots!