Monday, 6 August 2007

Allotmenticity - Monday 6th August

What a beautiful weekend down on No87. I've been trying to make the most of the great weather before the gigs start kicking in and my free time gets less.
I've pretty much cleared the old shed away. I think there was enough wood to make 3 sheds, what with all the patching and strengthening that had been done over the years! Whilst clearing some of the rotten wood I came across this Beetle. It's about 1inch or2.5cm in length and not too bothered about running away! Any ideas what he is?
Seeing as a lot of the top growth on the first 2 rows of maincrop spuds has died back I thought I'd check out their state. We've had a lot of people saying they'd got Blight on our site, but judging from the King Edwards I dug from just a tiny spot about a foot square I think they're going to be ok. I passed them on to Mr C the "Spud-Man" for his comments. First impressions seemed favourable!!!
I've got some more Figs on the tree again. The first lot all fell off which I put down to the cold snap we had, so this time I'm hoping they might hang around long enough for a few to ripen.
Does anyone have any experience with Figs?
And I'm pretty chuffed with the Broad Beans I've sown as a catch crop after the Arran Pilots. They've got loads of flowers on, and I'm spraying regularly with the nettle stew. Boy that stuff pongs!!!
I've got some ideas for improving Compost Corner with new panels, the shed needs the roof re-felting, and I'm under pressure to get the Gazeebo up for a soiree some time soon. Trouble is, I'm off down to the Isle of Wight at the weekend with "The Legend that is Alvin Stardust", then back on Sunday for a gig at my favourite restaurant in a marquee.
No pressure there then!
And finally well done to Lewis Hamilton and my team Man Utd for both winning at the weekend.
So until next time,
The Captain.

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