Tuesday, 9 June 2009

Allotmenticity - 08-06-09

Ahh, the first Strawberry of Summer! Not that the past few days has resembled a Summer, but after all that sunshine I suppose we have to be glad of the odd deluge!

Has anybody any information on the garden sharing issue?
I think with the number of people on the waiting list it could be a reasonable solution. A Pensioner who needs help maintaining their garden and someone who's looking for an allotment. The council could make sure they signed an agreement just as you would if you took over a patch, and you shared the veg or flowers you grew.
Comments please!!!

I'm down on No87 today whilst I have the opportunity. My cold frame will need a drink and I've some Leeks need planting out, as well as some weeding in the Herb bed.

I was going through some books I inherited from my Dad the other day, and came across an old issue of Mr Middleton's Garden Book. Now considering the amount of gardening books on the market it's amazing to read that nothing has really changed in the basic way of gardening.
Yes, there's loads of gadgets available to allow you to do things quicker, but if you look around at your neighbours, especially ones who've been there years, I can guarantee their still using the same old tools and methods that they've been doing for donkey's years.
Granted some of Mr Middleton's methods are slightly antiquated now, but they're no different in principle.
Let's face it there's still only one way to dig a trench with a spade!

I remember a while back one of my fellow correspondents "The Matron" was talking about the Readers Digest Cookery Book. The same thing applies. A vegetable is still the same as it always was, it's just that you can now get Asparagus all year round, or Raspberries etc instead of eating by the seasons.
When asked recently where peas come from, a school kid replied "Iceland"!!!!!!!

OK moan over, here's my Tomatoes Provencale recipe. Great as a vegetarian dish or as an accompaniment to a steak.

Until next time,

The Captain.


This is a very elegant side dish.

Slice in half and place sliced side up in shallow baking pan:

2 large Beef tomatoes

Sprinkle over the top of each tomato half:

I tsp. Olive oil

I tbsp. Breadcrumbs (or The Canadian Ambassador’s Spicy Crunchy Coating)

I tsp. grated Parmesan cheese

Dash of Garlic salt

1/2 tsp. Oregano fresh if available

1/2 tsp. Basil, fresh if available

Place in hot oven or under preheated grill till very hot and top browns a bit.

CHEFS NOTE: These can be baked ahead of time, covered with plastic wrap and pulled out for grilling as the final step in dinner preparation.


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